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Being a Web3 Creator
Updated over a week ago

A web3 creator, is an artist or producer who uses web3 platforms like Manifold Studio to establish full control and provenance of their creative works. In web3, the relationship between creator and collector is brought closer, enabling a more transparent and direct interaction.

Being a web3 creator means having a secure, immutable history of your work stored on the blockchain, including details about your collectors. This decentralized record can be seamlessly brought from one platform to another, avoiding the risk of data loss usually encountered in traditional web2 platforms.

In essence, as a web3 creator, you operate in an open, decentralized environment where your creation's history is permanently preserved on the blockchain. This ensures data integrity, fosters trust, and promotes a more equitable distribution of value to creators.

Web3 Creators often include a wide range of creators from different mediums:

  • Digital Art and NFTs: Artists are creating digital art pieces as NFTs and selling them directly to collectors on platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and Foundation.

  • Music and Media: Musicians and podcasters are utilizing web3 to sell their work directly to their audience.

  • Physical Goods: Creators are using these digital tokens to redeem physical merch.

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): Some creators form collective groups (DAOs) where decisions are made through a consensus mechanism. DAOs like Friends With Benefits have used web3 to create a community-driven culture platform.

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